1906, 2017

Finalsite School – Holton-Arms’ Director of Digital Media talks media resource management, and why a school-centric solution makes a difference

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For families, capturing school memories is as easy as the click of a button. But that's just one step in making them last. One of the biggest challenges school staff are faced with is [...]

305, 2017

Make Slideshows Shine on Social Media

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It’s the time of the year when school is wrapping up, and there’s so much to share. A school Content Manager’s job is not easy; there’s so much to do before they can share [...]

1904, 2017

Here’s What’s New in Vidigami Version 4.3 | Feeds and Notifications

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We just released Vidigami 4.3, and we're excited to share what's new! Vidigami has been continuously exploring how schools can manage their photos in the best way possible. It offers a centralized platform that [...]

1904, 2017

4 Reasons Renee Ramig Chose Vidigami for Seven Hills School

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Managing photos and videos can be overwhelming, and today's IT teams bear the burden of maintaining all the content being created, collected and shared while leveraging technology in support of education. Last week, we set [...]

2903, 2017

Picaboo + Vidigami: Working on new integration for Fall

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Nothing wraps up the school year like a well-produced yearbook. It tells us stories from each and every group and their events - from the basketball team's big victory, unforgettable moments from the school [...]

903, 2017

Reach and Vidigami partner up to engage boarding school families

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Reach has been setting the global standard for student care and risk management among boarding schools. Now, Reach has partnered with Vidigami to further enhance the connection between our schools, their students and their families. Through [...]

2702, 2017

Publish Slideshows with Finalsite Composer

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Using the Finalsite platform to publish your school website? With the latest release of Version 4.2.11, Vidigami is bringing you a new way to publicly and privately share your best photos from one secure place. [...]

102, 2017

Here’s What’s New in Vidigami Version 4.2.11 | 4 Ways to Share Slideshows

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Publishing school photos can be a tricky task. With so many events to manage, photos to collect, and countless approvals, we need a better way to make the school's best photos shine, whether it's the [...]

112, 2016

Get Creative this Holiday Season and 2017

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Christmas is just around the corner, we're all out and about shopping for gifts, decorating and getting ready for a brand new year. With hundreds of great pictures collected by students, their families, and school [...]