Manage Art with Vidigami

Managing Art with Vidigami Team Vidigami | September 18, 2018 The beauty of digital media is that you can take anything in print, canvas, or on stage and turn into something that can be shared. Students today are thriving in the digital world, and there’s no better way to showcase a finished 36″ x [...]

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Get Creative this Holiday Season and 2017

Christmas is just around the corner, we're all out and about shopping for gifts, decorating and getting ready for a brand new year. With hundreds of great pictures collected by students, their families, and school staff combined, the possibilities are endless when we start thinking of how to creatively transform digital content into long-lasting mementos. [...]

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Creating the Perfect Present: 5 Memorable Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect present for anyone, no matter how well you know them, can be a huge task. Having that gift be a complimenting balance of great, creative, sentimental and useful is another challenge entirely. Once you add “homemade” into the mix, it can most definitely be the cause for a lot of stress [...]