Engaging Educational Consultants

Engaging Educational Consultants With Vidigami By Drew Millikin | September 20, 2018 There are over 1,800 members in IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), and many independent schools rely on these educational consultants to introduce their schools to prospective families from around the globe. Admissions professionals work hard to not only establish these relationships, but [...]

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3 Tips for Big Day Follow Ups

3 Tips for Big Day Follow Ups By Drew Millikin | September 13, 2018 Every day at an independent school is a big day, but the two biggest days on the admissions office calendar are Open houses and Revisit days. Capturing the attention of prospective families while they are on campus for these days is relatively [...]

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5 Easy Steps To Help Your Admissions Team Stand Out From The Crowd This Fall

5 Easy Steps to Help Your Admissions Team Standout from the Crowd this Fall By Drew Millikin | August 31, 2018 The start of school means one thing to your admissions office—travel season is about to begin. Soon, the team will be out on the road, visiting with secondary school placement directors, educational consultants, [...]

5 Ways To Engage International Families With Vidigami

5 Ways To Engage International Families With Vidigami By Drew Millikin | July 10, 2018 Over the last decade, the number of international students enrolled in K-12 schools around the United States has skyrocketed. In 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported that the number of students enrolled in US K-12 schools from China alone [...]

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Share Slideshows through Digital Displays with Rise Vision

Share Slideshows through Digital Displays with Rise Vision Digital displays are a great way to push out content to staff, students, and visitors around campus, like at the reception, in the hallways, or as a kiosk for an admissions event. There are lots of digital signage content management systems that suit every budget [...]

Finalsite School – Holton-Arms’ Director of Digital Media talks media resource management, and why a school-centric solution makes a difference

For families, capturing school memories is as easy as the click of a button. But that's just one step in making them last. One of the biggest challenges school staff are faced with is centralizing these moments in order to make them usable and searchable through the years. Whether they're photos, artwork or video [...]

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Make Slideshows Shine on Social Media

Make Slideshows Shine on Social Media A school Content Manager’s job is not easy; there’s so much to do before they can share the perfect content on social media: Ask teachers, parents, and students to upload their photos Filter the best shots out from the hundreds collected Make sure they have the rights to [...]

Publish Slideshows with Finalsite Composer

Using the Finalsite platform to publish your school website? With the latest release of Version 4.2.11, Vidigami is bringing you a new way to publicly and privately share your best photos from one secure place. Now, you can update photos organized in group sets and directly share them as slideshows outside of Vidigami. Using public [...]

5 Steps to Start Developing Your School’s Brand

Branding is a term commonly thrown around in the corporate world. Whether it’s Lululemon and yoga, Starbucks and coffee or the Canucks and whales, branding can deliver more than just consistent messages. It has everything to do with creating a culture, lifestyle and personality. Being branded doesn’t solely apply to corporations though, but can be [...]

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An Introduction to Social Media for Schools: 5 Easy Steps

Social media platforms are known for being a quick way to engage with followers with timely content. Because of its convenience and popularity, where it is unheard of if you don’t have at least one social medium account, it only makes sense that schools have been using social media as a key portal for communications. [...]

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