5 Ways to Capture the Student Experience

5 Ways to Capture the Student Experience By Calina Franz-Hernandez | January 31, 2020 What is the ‘student experience’ as we know it? School life has evolved greatly over the years, and even more so with the influx of tech, devices, and connectivity. Now, not only are we able to see each student’s [...]

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A Little Work Now to Save Time Later

A Little Work Now to Save Time Later By Drew Millikin | September 10, 2019 The first day of the new academic year is one of the best days of the year. Students are back with fresh haircuts, summer tans, and big smiles. It’s a great time to capture their faces and interactions as [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 2)

Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 2) By Drew Millikin | July 26, 2019 Can image metadata be owned?  The answer is yes. However, the ownership of metadata depends on 2 things:  Copyright Location of the image. When you take a photo with your digital camera, all the internal metadata stored in your SD card [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 1)

Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 1) By Drew Millikin | July 2, 2019 There’s a lot more to photos than meets the eye on screen. From the moment a photo is captured, uploaded across devices or shared online, there is a wealth of nested data. Sometimes, a user’s entire life is unknowingly displayed on [...]

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2 Ways to Win at ‘Tag’ and Stop Playing ‘Hide and Seek’

2 Ways to Win at Tag and Stop Playing Hide and Seek Keywords are tools to make digital content searchable and accessible for everyone (think hashtags, SEO, and labels). By giving a photo or album simple and consistent tags like ‘athletics’, you make it easier for a coach to find photos for a team [...]

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Share Slideshows through Digital Displays with Rise Vision

Share Slideshows through Digital Displays with Rise Vision Digital displays are a great way to push out content to staff, students, and visitors around campus, like at the reception, in the hallways, or as a kiosk for an admissions event. There are lots of digital signage content management systems that suit every budget [...]

Finalsite School – Holton-Arms’ Director of Digital Media talks media resource management, and why a school-centric solution makes a difference

For families, capturing school memories is as easy as the click of a button. But that's just one step in making them last. One of the biggest challenges school staff are faced with is centralizing these moments in order to make them usable and searchable through the years. Whether they're photos, artwork or video [...]

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Get Creative this Holiday Season and 2017

Christmas is just around the corner, we're all out and about shopping for gifts, decorating and getting ready for a brand new year. With hundreds of great pictures collected by students, their families, and school staff combined, the possibilities are endless when we start thinking of how to creatively transform digital content into long-lasting mementos. [...]

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How Southridge School Used Photos to Strengthen Their Community

As a media-savvy independent school, Southridge had a photo-archiving system that worked well. School events were well documented through photos and other media, and there were plenty of photos of all the students. While the photo-management system allowed Southridge to store and sort thousands of photos, the school lacked an effective way of sharing [...]

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3 Tips to Efficiently Manage Your Time, and Your Family’s

Organizing your family and running a household is like a train: maintaining all the cogs and gears to keep it chugging, ensuring it doesn’t derail, all while keeping everyone in line so they don’t miss their “stop.” It can make anyone want to blow their top. If the train metaphor got you side-tracked and therefore [...]

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