The Importance of Setting the Date and Time on Your Digital Camera

Repeat after me, “I promise to set the date and time on my camera”. Read on as to why I think everyone should take this pledge. One fairly large aspect of my role as the Web and AV Services Manager is processing the wealth of photographs that we receive from various Southridge events and [...]

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How to transfer a video on a computer to your iPad or iPhone?

In order to transfer your video to your Apple device, you have to import it into iTunes. 1. Connect your iPad or iPhone device to your computer using an USB cable 2. Open the iTunes application 3. Go to the “File” menu, and choose one of the following options, depending on your computer system: If [...]

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Take Fieldtrip Photos Like a Pro

So you’re going on a trip? Congratulations! Okay, so maybe it’s not the tropical escape you deserve, but one in the field with the kids can be just as rewarding. Remember, you’re lucky enough to be one of the select adults joining your child’s class on a fun outing. Here are some tips to help [...]

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