Your dream team.

Vidigami and Milestone Yearbooks are teaming up to provide you with the best yearbook possible.

Besides providing schools like yours with a centralized and secure place for all photos and videos, did you know we also provide world-class yearbook software and printing? The best part? You can easily flow your photos from Vidigami directly into your yearbook!

What does this mean for your school’s yearbook?

  • Easily import photos, content and student works from Vidigami into the yearbook.

  • Save money on yearbook printing with the Vidigami + Milestone Yearbooks package.

  • Use Vidigami’s archiving feature to digitize all your old and new yearbooks.

  • Sell old and new yearbooks on your school’s online yearbook store.

  • Benefit from no deadlines and a 10 day or less production time.

  • Get access to cutting-edge cloud-based yearbook software complete with professional design tools, page templates, artwork, team management and more!

Importing photos from Vidigami is easy
Creator Studio by Milestone Yearbooks

In 2017, Milestone Yearbooks, Picaboo Yearbooks and Vidigami became one company with a united mission…to make it easy for school communities to collect, secure and celebrate school memories. Schools using Vidigami Media Management to collect, secure and organize photos and videos can now flow those assets directly into Creator StudioTM, our book-editing application.

Now, you can create yearbooks, team books, club books, lit mags and so much more amazing content, with just a few simple clicks.

With the integration between Vidigami and Creator StudioTM, photos can be moved over seamlessly – no need for downloading and uploading files.

A better way to yearbook.

Milestone Yearbooks has over 20 years experience serving schools across North America and revolutionizing the modern day yearbook through innovative technology and on-demand printing. Here are  some of the ways Milestone makes yearbooking better:

  • No more yearbook debt
  • No deadlines
  • 10 day production time (does not apply to all printers)
  • Online store with easy setup and customizable selling options
  • Dedicated support from the industry’s most talented staff
  • Cutting-edge yearbook creation online software

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