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FAQ’s – Using Vidigami

Can we download photos from Vidigami?

Yes, in Vidigami parents can download individual photos to their computers. As well, the school administrator can batch download or create albums to email.

What happens to the quality and data of an image when it is downloaded?

When users download an image from Vidigami, it will be stripped of EXIF data to ensure content privacy. As a result, the file size of the image may be up to 5% smaller than the original. However, this is subject to the amount of data that is stored in the EXIF of any given image. The quality of the image will not change and no processing would have been applied to the image.

Does this make more work for my teachers and staff?

No, using Vidigami will encourage families to share the many photos that they take at events that were not previously available to the school. Vidigami will make it easier to share photos and engage your entire school community.

Can my yearbook staff use Vidigami?

Yes, as group administrators, your yearbook staff can curate photos throughout the year into their own ‘sets’ for easy access allowing them to spend their time on design and content, not searching for suitable images.

Will you load past years photos?

Yes, Vidigami offers a solution called Vidigami Rewind. This allows a school to go back in time and upload photos from previous years. Please contact for any questions about Rewind.

Where did you get the information to create my account?

Your school provided Vidigami with your name and email address for the sole purpose of creating your Vidigami account. Vidigami does not share your information with any third party.

What happens when a photo is flagged or deleted?

When a photo has been flagged, the school administrator can delete the photo permanently, let it remain in a “flagged photo” folder that is not accessible to other Vidigami users, or restore the photo to its original album.

If you flagged a photo by mistake, please contact your school administrator to restore the photo.

What are sets, and why would I use them?

A set is a customizable collection of photos – Any user can create a set, add photos from any group that you have access to. You can access your own sets via the “My Sets” link in the sidebar.

You can add photos to sets while in the lightbox mode. Use the photo toolbar to add one or more photos to a set. Once you’ve found a photo you want to add to a set, you can add the photo to an existing set or create a new set.

Vidigami has a Shared Sets feature which allows you and every other Managers and Administrators to collaboratively collect yearbook and marketing photos. When the feature is turned on, Managers and Administrators can begin adding photos into a new or existing set in the Shared Sets tab in the group that has Shared Sets enabled.

How can I collect photos of my child?

When you come across a photo of your child, you can click “Tag Faces” to start tagging the photo from within the lightbox. In Vidigami, all the tagged photos of your child are available in his collection of photos; you may quick access his photos at any time by clicking on your child in the sidebar.

Can I change my username and email address?

You may update your username and email address by going to ‘My Profile’ under the user profile menu located at the right top corner of the screen.

How can I change my login ID?

Currently, Vidigami does not have a way for you to update the login ID for your account. If you wish to update your login ID, please contact us at with the new login ID you would like to use.