Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Vidigami is a photo-management system designed to provide a window into each student’s school life. With Vidigami, members of the school community (faculty, parents and students) can upload, download and share photos in a members-only private site. Learn more about how Vidigami works.
Only photos related to the school or the school’s events should go into Vidigami. Please avoid uploading personal photos of family and events that are not associated with the school in any way.
Vidigami provides your schools with a centralized, cloud-based photo management solution so all school photos taken by faculty, parents and even students can be preserved in one, secure location. Schools have full control over the permissions in Vidigami — who contributes photos, who views which albums or grades, and who can download/print photos.
Yes, as group administrators, your yearbook staff can curate photos throughout the year into their own ‘sets’ for easy access allowing them to spend their time on design and content, not searching for suitable images.
Yes, Vidigami offers a solution called Vidigami Rewind. This allows a school to go back in time and upload photos from previous years. Please contact sales@vidigami.com for any questions about Rewind.
Busy families want to stay tuned to the daily school experiences of their children. Parents on the go need a quick and easy way to capture school moments they see in and outside of school. Vidigami allows parents to access photos from their child’s class, grade, or event, and privately share them with others — from their mobile phone, ipad or home computer.
Learning how to use Vidigami will take you less than 15 minutes. Just imagine what this 15 minutes will mean in 20 years when you and your children can look back at the detailed archive of your child’s life in school!
No, Vidigami is scalable. More users equals greater community engagement.
Vidigami is currently a system that is intended for use by the immediate parents and guardian of the student. Extended access will be managed on a per school basis.
Vidigami has worked with both WhippleHill and FinalSite to create and streamline parent access to your site. Please contact info@vidigami.com for any questions on this integration.
Vidigami will export your collection of photos organized by grade and album to a secure, Internet accessible location should you choose not to continue with the Vidigami program at the end of the school year. We do, however, recommend at least a two year trial period in order to create and instill the culture of photo sharing that will drive Vidigami success at your school.
Please contact Sales@vidigami.com for any sales inquiries.
Please contact Sales@vidigami.com for pricing details.
Please contact Sales@vidigami.com for any sales or trial inquiries.
Vidigami accounts do not expire. As long as users have activated accounts, they can continue accessing Vidigami to the years they have been invited to even once they have graduated from the school.
The only way users would not be able to access Vidigami anymore is if the school decides to remove them completely from each school year; which most of our schools do not usually do. (e.g. deleting students in the enrollment page will automatically delete the parents for each school year) 
Just a quick reminder, if the school opens up a new school year (2017/2018), they should not provide the names of the users who have already graduated on the onboarding form since they are not part of the new school year.

Security and Privacy FAQ

Participation in Vidigami is through invitation only. Because each Vidigami community is a private and secure network, participation requires authentication from Vidigami and the school.
Vidigami is committed to protecting information relating to you, your children, your school, your family, your friends, and everyone that makes up your community. We are honoured that you have entrusted the security and privacy of this information to Vidigami and we strive every day to ensure that the information is not compromised. We work to comply with the privacy policy of your school and our supplemental privacy policy, and have designed Vidigami to be a trusted place for your school memories. We use our best efforts to authenticate users and hold users accountable for the content that is shared. We provide tools to personalize content for participants and rely on the integrity of participants to ensure content is shared only with authenticated members of the community.
As long as the school chooses to continue with Vidigami for storing and sharing it’s school memories, the entire repository of photos collected will be stored and made available to the school. Families have access while their children are attending the school and at the school’s option, access to photos after students graduate is determined by the school. Families and students have download photos for personal use at any time. Should the school choose to discontinue using Vidigami, the school will have options for where the repository of photos can be re-located.
While our hope is that all parents and children participate in the Vidigami program, we do have an option to opt out of the program.
Your information will not be used for any purpose other than for identification purposes on Vidigami.

Uploader FAQ

Our Photo Uploader has been optimized for use with Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Listed below are the supported browser details:

  • Chrome: Latest version recommended
    Safari: 7 or greater
    Firefox: 37 or greater
    Internet Explorer: 10 or greater
  • Images Smaller than 10000×10000 pixels
  • Images larger than 100×100 pixels
  • Images smaller than 20mb
  • Images larger than 10kb
There are no limits to the number of photos you may upload to Vidigami.  For efficiency, you may upload batches of photos into multiple albums at one time.  Uploads of less than 200 images at a time are recommended. The load on the browser is affected by the amount of images you upload. Therefore you could experience lag until the upload has completed.
Vidigami securely stores and backs up photos in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our infrastructure service provider.
Drag and drop from Apple Photos is not supported. Unfortunately Apple Photos has not supported the ability for users to drag and drop photos into commonly used photo editing applications, including Adobe Photoshop and many other third-party online services. We have reported the issue to Apple earlier this year and are waiting for a resolution. As soon as this is resolved, we will publish an update.
You may be experiencing a cacheing issue specific to your desktop. This could occur if Vidigami tabs are left open for long periods of time. To resolve this issue, you can either clear your browser history that includes the cached option, or close your browser. Once your cache is cleared, please try uploading your photos again.
Side Note: to optimize your uploading experience, we recommend you only have browser tabs open that are immediately necessary.

Shop FAQ

You can pay using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
We currently ship within the U.S only. We will be shipping to Canada soon.
You’ll be charged a flat rate of 11.99 USD for any order you place.

Estimated delivery time is between 5 to 12 business days after confirmation of order. Shipping time is 1-7 business days after production.

Product Item Duration
Canvas 5 Days
Mug, Water bottle, Mousepad, Tote Bag, T shirt, Sweat Shirt 3 Days
Photo Prints, Collage Posters 2 Days
Once any order is shipped, your order history page is updated with the tracking number. You will also receive a confirmation email with your tracking number. For all US orders, please go here and enter your tracking number to view tracking information.
No refunds are available for custom photo keepsake products. Any product that arrives defective or damaged shall be replaced at no additional cost.

If you cancel your order within one hour of placing it, you incur no charges for that order. For any cancellations after an hour, you will have to pay for those goods ordered at the rates in effect at the time of the cancellation.

To cancel an order please contacts us at support@vidigami.com

Any questions on your order can be directed to support@vidigami.com

Mobile 2.0 FAQ

You can download the Vidigami Application form the App store or the Google Play store. Simply Search for Vidiagmi.
No, although this is not currently a feature we are looking to implement this in the next version of the app.
The upload button will be disabled if the group you are trying to upload to does not yet have any albums. You can resolve this issue by creating a new album.
No, to order products from Vidigami shop please continue to use the Vidgami website.
No, to access Vidigami you can either use the mobile application or any desktop or laptop web browser.
You can download the mobile app on android and ios devices. For best user experience please use android  v4.1 or above and ios v8 or above.

Facial Tagging FAQ

Vidigami’s Facial Recognition feature is a gradual process that starts with just a few tagged photos of each student. After repeatedly tagging a specific face in several photos, the system will begin to recognize and tag that face in future uploads. The system is designed to queue all the uploaded images and then analyze the images based on our internal load scheduling.

Sharing FAQ

Whether it’s a school wide event, sports victory, or unforgettable moment, you may wish to share these memories with the world. With various channels like social media, email newsletters, and the website, there’s always content to be shared. Instead of having to separately download, filter, and re-publish batches of photos for multiple uses, Vidigami enables admins to publish a set of photos directly from a public set in any group.
There are two ways you can share photos in Vidigami:

  1. With private sharing, you can simply forward a link to other Vidigami members from that specific school via social media or email for quick access to an album. If the recipient is already logged in, the link will take them directly to that album. If not, they will need to log into the site.
  2. Public sharing, on the other hand, allows admins to share group sets so anyone outside Vidigami with the link can access them as a slideshow. These links can also be shared via social media and email. In addition to a share link, an embed code for the set will be generated, which can simply be copied and pasted into the back end of any of any 3rd party application that supports media content.
No. When a viewer clicks on a slideshow published on a website or other external source, they will only be redirected to that one public set. They will not be able to view any other photos within Vidigami.
In order to share photos publicly, you will first need to enable sets in a group, as entire albums cannot be made public in Vidigami. Once this is done, create a new public set. You can then share this set using the ‘Share Slideshow’ button at the top right corner, which will generate a shareable link and an embed code to be used in any way you see fit. Likewise, in albums, you can privately share photos with other Vidigami members using the same button.
An embed code is a block of HTML which is embedded in a page source and creates an object in doing so. In this case, embed codes generated when you publish a set create slideshows when built into a specific web page or platform.
As long as you have the embed code for a public set, you can share slideshows in any digital platform that can support it. This can be your school website, e-portfolio, content editor, learning management system, or even a digital display. Share links also generate a preview image of the slideshow when shared on social media or an email.
Any other questions? Contact us here.