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Vidigami is an advanced photo management system designed to provide schools with a community-based platform for sharing the student experience. With Vidigami, members of the school community (faculty, parents, and students) can upload, download and share photos in a private, members-only space. Learn more about how Vidigami works.

While there are many platforms that help you store and manage photo content, Vidigami is the only photo management solution designed to meet the needs of school communities. Vidigami provides schools with the ability to control user access, how photos are sourced, cataloged and shared and how crowdsourced content can be intelligently curated and personalized to every member of the school community. It’s a one-stop solution for making the most of all your school memories. 

No. Participation in Vidigami is through school invitation only. Because each Vidigami school is set up as a private and secure community, participation requires authentication from Vidigami and the designated administrator who manages the system for its school

Vidigami is a place for school memories, so only photos related to school activities should be uploaded. We advise against uploading any non-school related photos (e.g. family vacations, birthday parties, etc.)

The user who uploads a photo into Vidigami is the designated owner of the photo.  As part of the End User Agreement, the User warrants s/he has the rights to the photo being uploaded and provides personal use consent for members of the school community to access the photo. Vidigami does not have ownership over the photos uploaded but is provided consent to use photos uploaded as it relates to providing the Vidigami service.

Vidigami provides your school with a centralized, cloud-based photo management solution for faculty, parents, and students. Your school admin has full control over user and content access in Vidigami — who contributes photos, who views which albums or grades, and who can download/print photos. With all photos preserved in one secure location, you can make school memories searchable and usable, engaging past, present and future students.

Today’s families want to be part of the school experience. There is no better way to share all the great things that are happening at your school than to provide them with a personalized window into the day-to-day events that make up their children’s education. Through Vidigami, your families, teachers, and students actively participate in capturing and sharing school memories through photos they are already taking every day. Vidigami connects families to your school through these memories. In the long run, Vidigami helps build community among your families by enabling them to actively participate in sharing their photos from special events, field trips and performances, all of which help enrich every student’s personal story.

Yes. Simply set up your yearbook team as a Group within Vidigami and enable them to collaborate by collecting and curating photos throughout the school year into custom “Sets” that can be easily downloaded or imported into your yearbook design program. As of Spring 2018, Vidigami will introduce integration with Picaboo Yearbooks so that content in Vidigami will flow directly into Picaboo Yearbook’s Creator Studio.   

Yes. Vidigami offers a solution called Rewind. This allows a school to go back in time and upload photos from previous years. To learn more, click here or contact 

No. Students are always granted access to the school years they are apart of.  We work with your school to customize that access as they transition from student to Alumni.  We want to ensure they remain an engaged member of your school community.

No, Vidigami is designed to scale according to the requirements of your school.

Vidigami manages access according to the requirements of our schools and their relationship to its students.  Schools may choose to provide extended family members and friends with user accounts to Vidigami.

Yes. Vidigami is a photo-sharing site that is tailored to each of our schools.  You may choose to link to Vidigami via your parent portal and/or school website.  If you are a Finalsite or Blackbaud school, Vidigami offers Single Sign-On (SSO) integration so that families do not require additional log-in credentials to access their Vidigami account. Please discuss with your sales executive to learn more.

Vidigami offers flexible and affordable pricing packages from as low as $99 per month. Please contact for a custom quote.

Please contact to set up custom demo and trial for your school.

No. Vidigami is a service we provide schools. We do not have a business model based on advertising and we don’t take ownership over the personal information you provide us.  Information provided is used solely for the purpose of providing Vidigami services to activated Users.

As long as your school chooses to continue with Vidigami for storing and sharing it’s school memories, the entire repository of photos collected will be stored and available to the school. Families have access while their children are attending the school and at the school’s option, access to photos after students graduate is determined by the school. Families and students may download photos for personal use at any time. Should the school choose to discontinue using Vidigami, the school will have options for where the repository of photos can be re-located.

Vidigami is committed to protecting information relating to you, your children, your school, your family, your friends, and everyone that makes up your community. We are honored that you have entrusted the security and privacy of this information to Vidigami and we strive every day to ensure that the information is not compromised. We work to comply with the privacy policy of your school and our supplemental privacy policy and have designed Vidigami to be a trusted place for your school memories. We use our best efforts to authenticate users and hold users accountable for the content that is shared. We provide tools to personalize content for participants and rely on the integrity of participants to ensure content is shared only with authenticated members of the community.

There are 2 options available for families who wish to opt their children out of Vidigami:

  1. Do Not Enroll – Families who choose not to participate in Vidigami may request their children be excluded. When this happens, the student(s) is not registered in the system and can not be tagged or searched in all photos.
  2. Register the student as ‘opted out’, and when s/he is tagged in any photo, the image will immediately be unshared with the community.

Vidigami securely stores and backs up photos in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our infrastructure service provider.

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