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How Vidigami Works


Vidigami is an enterprise-level media management platform designed for school communities. That means your administration has full control over who is invited from Day 1, their roles and permissions, and how all content in the system is organized and shared.

  1. Vidigami will create your school’s private portal and invite a designated ‘Admin’ from your school. Typically one or more members of the Marketing and Communications, IT, or Admissions team will champion Vidigami within our schools.
  2. Admins are then able to invite other key players from their school who are actively involved in the content management game, including on-campus photographers, yearbook advisers, and other staff members. Customizable roles and permissions can be assigned to these users accordingly (admins, managers, contributors…etc).
  3. Team Vidigami will work with your initial team to create a strong organizational structure for all your content. This includes setting up the main ‘Groups’ of people at your school (grades, clubs, sports teams), and synchronizing your school’s member database with Vidigami’s (Onboarding). This creates a secure and sustainable way for you to identify people in media so you can personalize and push content to each student and their family.
  4. With your Vidigami framework in place and some content ready to share, you can choose to invite parents and/or students to become active users in system.
  5. Over time, as you build a thriving community of students, parents, teachers, and staff contributing content in one place, you can now extend invitations to other members of your community, like alumni, grandparents, prospective families, and more.

With the ability to control how users contribute and share content, your school can rest assured that they’ve taken the necessary steps to protect student data while providing a collaborative environment that builds community.


Enable your school community to store memories in one secure, easy-to-access location. Get a glance of all the amazing things happening at your school.


Intelligently organized photos – by school year, group, album, and face. Vidigami’s multi-level tagging capabilities help you make your photos searchable, usable, and personal.


Privately share photo albums among members of your community. Or, create a public Set that can be published as a dynamic slideshow on your school website, social media, digital displays, and more!

Vidigami Slideshow