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FAQ’s – Mobile App

Vidigami’s new and Improved mobile application is here.

How do I get the new app?

You can download the Vidigami Application form the App store or the Google Play store. Simply Search for Vidiagmi.

Can I download images to my camera roll?

No, although this is not currently a feature we are looking to implement this in the next version of the app.

Why is the upload button not working?

The upload button will be disabled if the group you are trying to upload to does not yet have any albums. You can resolve this issue by creating a new album.

Can I order a Vidigami product using mobile?

No, to order products from Vidigami shop please continue to use the Vidgami website.

Am I able to use mobile browser to access my Vidigami account?

No, to access Vidigami you can either use the mobile application or any desktop or laptop web browser.

What platforms can I use the app on?

You can download the mobile app on android and ios devices. For best user experience please use android  v4.1 or above and ios v8 or above.

For more information please visit our quick start guide