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Erfan Mojaddam: Director of Technology, St. Mary’s School


Marie Mitchell: Learning Commons Coordinator, Fairfield Country Day School


Tabor Academy: Centralizing, Organizing and Sharing School Photos 

School Snapshot

Based in Marion, MA, Tabor Academy is a mid-sized traditional boarding school with over 515 students (67% boarding, 33% day). The school began using Vidigami
in May 2017.

Using “Photopool”: How Tabor Academy Managed and Used School Memories

Like many other schools, Tabor Academy uses photography for social media, website use, publications, advertisements and more. With the help of a three-person communication office, Chris was primarily responsible for taking and managing photos for various uses.

One unique activity in the team’s setup is ‘Photopool.’ run by the photography teacher. This is an afternoon activity that students can participate in instead of sports.

Over the past 15 years, Chris and his team have used the Photopool program to get great photos from students. In fact, before their office was formed three years ago, Photopool was the primary way the school collected marketing photos.

The Workflow

From time to time, Chris would share photos through the school’s “Photopool” program to social media, or set aside photos for the website.

“This meant walking over to the Photopool building, grabbing the files I needed, throwing them onto Google Drive, and then move them accordingly Obviously not an ideal setup.”

The Challenges

“Our main issue was that our photos were all over the place and inaccessible. The Photopool files were on a server that was only accessible to a few people. These were also in a database that couldn’t be used by more than one person at a time.”

“Similarly, my photos were on a server that was equally inaccessible and disorganized. This meant that because faculty and
staff knew that only I had access to the content, I would receive multiple requests at inconvenient times looking for specific photos.”

The Solution

“Vidigami provided us with a centralized place for all of the school’s photos, easy organization with tagging for searching, and a much faster workflow for all things photo-related.”

Publishing with Slideshows

“Slideshows have been great for us. We collect the best photos from albums into sets, which we can easily share to Facebook and Twitter, or embed into a news story or blog post.”

“With its ease of use, tagging capabilities, and a centralized, cloud-based system with de ned user roles, Vidigami offers us a way to involve parents and alumni down the road. Now, we are using it for archives, which have had no organized digital place to live until now.”

Chris Kasprak | Digital Content Manager

Bridging the Distance | Stanstead College

Family Engagement Through Photos at Boarding Schools

About the School

Founded in 1872, Stanstead College combines over 140 years of tradition and excellence to prepare its students for a constantly changing world. Located in a safe, secure and scenic environment in rural Québec, the boarding school has a growing population of 238 students from around the world and a highly involved faculty and staff.

With the help of a core network of active student photographers who are continually contributing new content, Stanstead College has collected over 20,000 photos using the Vidigami system.

The Need: Manage & Share Photos Securely

The team at Stanstead College wanted to engage both students and parents securely by centralizing photo storage in the cloud and to capture content for its key stakeholders – the families. Keeping this group in mind, Stanstead recognized that it could bridge the distance by sharing photos more with the families of its boarding students.

The Future: More Sharing, Connection & Meaning

With a growing number of students being enrolled, Stanstead is in the process of further integrating Vidigami into its long-term communication

plan with the goal of not only growing and centralizing content for internal use but also keeping international families informed and engaged with each student’s experience and school- wide activity using photos – the simplest, most powerful and versatile communicative tools.

The Solution: Photo Management Made Simple, Private & Personal

One of the key bene ts of Vidigami is its ability to provide ‘a window into a student’s life’ for overseas and distant families, who love the personalized experience that pushes photos of their child directly to their account.

Vidigami is an ideal solution for Stanstead College, offering members of the immediate school community an easily accessible environment
for uploading and viewing photos. Additionally, it allows the school’s internal stakeholders to efficiently find and showcase photos for marketing, communications, and advancement.

“Vidigami brings an exciting new perspective to boarding families. Logging in, the first faces you see are those of your kids. Unlike social media, Vidigami is a consistent funnel of photos telling the story of each child at school and sharing it with their parents. It also helps keep existing and prospective families informed of school activity.”

– Ross Murray, Communications, Stanstead College

Making the Most out of School Memories

How Finalsite School, Holton-Arms, is Crowdsourcing Photos

How Vidigami helped engage the Holton-Arms community

“Vidigami has increased parent and faculty participation at the school, providing access to photos that we couldn’t in the past. For example, our crew team competes o campus and often out of state and we rarely had photos from those competitions.

With Vidigami, coaches and parents easily uploaded photos that the Communications team could use to market the program. In the future, we are hoping to get our high school students more involved in this process as well.”

School Snapshot

Founded in 1901 by Jessie Moon Holton and Carolyn Hough Arms, the Holton-Arms School is an independent college-preparatory day school for girls, grades 3 through 12, located in Washington, D.C.

Enrolled Students: 664

Faculty members: 93

Seeking a Better Way to Crowdsource Photos

Holton-Arms didn’t have the manpower to cover all of the amazing things happening at school. They wanted to allow community members who attend events, field trips and other activities, to share their photos with the communications team and the community. However, there was no inclusive way to crowdsource photos.

Simple Access through Single Sign-On

“Vidigami provided us a solution for crowdsourcing photos. In addition, the school was looking for a system that would work with their website and not require yet another user name every login. Through the SSO integration with Finalsite, members of the school can log into Vidigami simply using their existing user credentials.”

Sharing: Too Private or Too Public.

“We wanted to share both public and private content across di erent platforms, but there was no clear middle ground,” said Liz. One team would build separate albums for Facebook, while another would use SmugMug and Finalsite galleries, which are more private. “We couldn’t embed SmugMug galleries and Finalsite galleries were too private. This created extra work for our sta as they needed to build albums in multiple places. Vidigami saved time, streamlined work ow, and centralized all our content.”

The Solution: Slideshows

With Vidigami’s share-link feature, albums can be shared privately with authenticated memebers, while embed codes can be used to share public slideshows online.

“The ability to create highlight sets with photos from multiple albums is great. These can then be embedded to our community portal pages of the Holton- Arms website. We can also use public sets to share slideshows with people outside of our community, like photos from events with our “brother” school.”

Vidigami offers a solution that’s customizable, controllable, and makes searching a breeze for a school environment. Face and context tags that can be applied at so many levels so that managing photos is easier than ever. We love tagging!”

Liz Gouldman, Director of Digital Media and Databases

“We are SO GLAD we purchased Vidigami. It has been revolutionary for our in-office/on-campus workflows, for our ability to collect photos from students and parents, and for the ability of parents to access photos of their children (this is especially important to us because we are an all-boarding school and parents are often very far away from their kids). THANK YOU for coming up with this product and tailoring it to schools!”

Liz Torrey, Alumni Information St. Andrews School Middletown, DE

“Our school photos are the crown jewels of Southridge. Vidigami ensures these photos are preserved and organized in a student-centric way. But the biggest value we see in Vidigami is a tool for our families to better connect with our school. It keeps getting better the longer you use it.”

Alan McInnes, Web & AV Service Manager Southridge School Surrey, BC, Canada

“Vidigami brings an exciting new perspective to boarding families. Logging in, the first faces you see are those of your kids. Unlike social media, Vidigami is a consistent funnel of photos telling the story of each child at school and sharing it with their parents.”

Ross Murray, Communications Stanstead College Quebec, Canada

“In the past, photo management was a challenge. With platform issues, access limitations, complexity, and lack of security. This is where Vidigami filled the gaps. It offers a centralized, easy-to-use solution, bringing so much value to Seven Hills’ IT and advancement teams.”

Renee Ramig, Director of Technology Seven Hills School, California

“My favorite thing about Vidigami is how easy it is to upload and access the photos so that all the great things we do at our school are documented in one convenient place.”

Marie Mitchell, Learning Commons Coordinator Fairfield Country Day School, Connecticut

“Vidigami gives us a very professional, systematic way of organizing [photos] that’s easy for teachers and easy for families.”

Susan Hutchison, Director of Junior School Crofton House School Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Every year the yearbook team said that they were struggling with getting the right photos. Now, there is a much larger selection to choose from. Vidigami was the first product of its kind we had looked at, offering a central location where all community members can upload photos while being able to control the groups and which photos can be placed where.”

Kate Raven, Communications Officer Greenwood College School Toronto, Canada

“Some of the things we love about Vidigami is the security and the facial tagging capability – which really helps our yearbook staff and other people with projects for the headmaster. It also offers SSO with several big website vendors, such as Finalsite, Blackbaud, and inResonance.”

Laura Berne Korotkin, Communications and Social Media Manager Detroit Country Day School, Detroit

“Community is the DNA of Woodland School, and every community requires communication. A multi-faceted tool like Vidigami makes sense because it’s in line with that community involvement. Communicating through visual representation is extremely powerful, particularly with images that connect emotionally. This is a tool that everyone can use, and I no longer have to scramble around to find the content I need.”

Bethany Silvestri, Director of Communications Woodland School Portola Valley, CA

“We love the tagging feature to organize pictures. It is so helpful to be able to pull all of the photos of a given student. In addition, Vidigami is a very efficient way to share pictures with parents…and so far, the parent reception is very positive. In just a few months, Vidigami helped us better organize and share our campus photos.”

Mary Beth Giallanza, Website Manager The Gow School New York