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Managing school media responsibly.

In a world of smartphones, visual media, and social sharing, schools must be attentive to the personal data of its students and staff. The scope of personal data and how it is shared have expanded greatly over the past 20 years. That’s why protecting digital rights, privacy, and student data are Vidigami’s top priorities.

Adding to the complexity, over the past 4 years, hundreds of state and federal laws have been passed in the area of student data privacy. The most significant government action in this area, GDPR, went into effect in the EU on May 25, 2018. Together, these actions signal a shift in what is acceptable in terms of collecting, storing and sharing personal data.

Please see our resources below to learn more, and feel free to ask us any questions about these topics. We will do our best to respond and provide some advice.

Download the infosheet below to learn how Vidigami’s design and features can ensure the protection of your school members’ data.

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Our Terms and Policies

Vidigami is designed to be a trusted place for your school media. We’re committed to protecting information relating to you, your children, your school, your family, your friends, and everyone that makes up your community. We also strive to ensure that information is never compromised, and work to comply with both the privacy policy of your school and our supplemental privacy policy.

We authenticate every user and maintain accountability for any content that is shared. The integrity of participants is always validated and content is only shared with registered members of your community.

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