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Meet Vidigami

Designed for schools, Vidigami provides a private social platform where teachers, students and families can easily and securely collect, curate, and share photos and videos in one centralized place. Year after year.


Say Yes to Photos and Videos in Your School Community

With strict data protection regulations emerging for schools, it’s tempting to simply prohibit educators from capturing and storing photos and videos of students. But in our era of smartphones, everyone is accustomed to communicating and interacting with photos and videos – they have become the universal visual language.

Vidigami provides a secure framework that teaches media literacy – allowing schools to set policies around user and media access and storage, while empowering teachers to enrich education with media in the classroom.


A living portfolio for every student from K-12

Vidigami helps you capture a student’s experiences from the day they start kindergarten to the day they graduate.

Every photo or video saved to Vidigami can be intelligently tagged by face, by context (event, grade, or activity), and even by the creator, allowing you to credit student work such as class projects, art, performances, and athletic accomplishments. Every student accumulates a personal collection over time, building a living portfolio of their school life.