Old yearbooks? Photos lost on internal servers or hard drives? Get content on the cloud, make it accessible and useful to everyone, and celebrate your school’s legacy!

Meet REWIND by Vidigami

Vidigami’s REWIND bundle offers a complete, full-service solution for your school’s existing media archive.

Whether its opening up past decades or scanning old yearbooks for your school’s very own Vidigami Library for your current school community to enjoy…we can help.

Click on the tabs below to see what REWIND includes:

The right way to archive school media.

Vidigami starts with your current school year: a ‘bucket’ for all your current school media (i.e. 2017/2018). As you roll into the new school year, it will be ‘stacked’ above the previous year (i.e. 2018/2019, 2017/2018). The longer you use Vidigami, the more years you’ll stack! (See below)

With REWIND Year(s), you can request specific time periods before you even start your first year with Vidigami. We’ll load those buckets as increments that best reflect your school’s archive. These buckets will be ready to use as soon you get rolling on the platform. Unlimited content from your school’s history stored and organized by decade…your way. it’s never been more efficient and rewarding.

Example: if your school started in 1970, we may add Rewind Buckets as follows: 1970-1980, 1981-1990, 1991-2000, 2001-2010, 2011-2020…and so on. It’s up to you!

Adding REWIND Years is easy! Let your Account Manager or Client Success Specialist know today if you’d like to get started.

Got Old Yearbooks, LitMags, Viewbooks?

Why keep them in boxes in the storage closet? Share your digitized collection of e-books in your school’s very own online Library.

Your Library is where you can archive and display PDFs of yearbooks, viewbooks and other school publications, accessible to your entire community.

Once activated, your Library appears on your sidebar in Vidigami, right under your Admin Panel. Users viewing the Library can select a book to open it and “flip” through the pages on screen.

Library is included in your Vidigami platform for free if you have purchased one or more REWIND Years. If you do not have books ready for your Library, simply request your CSS to temporarily disable the feature. You can always enable Library once you have digital books to share!

Team Vidigami will help you upload your content so it appears in your online Library. Here is how to get started:

  1. Contact your Client Success Specialist to develop a plan and timeframe.
  2. Get your printed books digitized as PDFs and share your files with your Vidigami CSS. See the REWIND Scanning Add On if you would like assistance in digitizing your yearbooks.
  3. Once your Vidigami CSS has received your files, they will launch your Library within the agreed timeframe.

Library books will be viewable on both the mobile and desktop app by all your current Vidigami users!

Don’t delay! Let your Client Success Specialist know if you’d like to get started and make your school-wide publications readily available to all members of your community in Vidigami.

Looking to move over and centralize your photos in Vidigami from Flickr, Google Drive, or other platform?

We’re here to help make this as effortless as can be. Team Vidigami will transfer all your school’s pre-archived media into Vidigami.

To get started, here’s what we’ll need:

1 – Authorized access to your current photo storage. Please provide an administrative login to your current media storage so that we can access the digital files. When uploading this content to Vidigami, we will use our best judgment to set up groups and albums based on your original structure. You will be able to modify this structure at at any time after the transfer.

2 – Importing Metadata. If photos contain metadata, this information will flow along with the image into Vidigami. To preserve the metadata associated with your images, they must be stored in an IPTC-compliant format. Metadata will be displayed as keyword tags, allowing that media to become searchable in the system. Read more about IPTC standards here.

3 – Determine Cost and Time to Complete. Your CSS will work with you to develop a plan to prioritize and complete the transfer as per a feasible project timeline.

Yearbook-scanning made easy.

Your old yearbooks hold a chock-full of memories, stories, and photos of people who’ve made up the legacy!

As part of the REWIND program, we’ve partnered up with Yearbook Scanning Service by Bound Book Scanning Inc. Together, we’re offering an affordable rate and quick turnaround for all your old yearbooks!

How to get started:

  1. Contact your CSS if you are interested, and determine how many books and pages per book (100-450 range) will need to be scanned. This information will be captured as part of your contract with Vidigami. 
  2. We will coordinate with Yearbook Scanning Service to determine a feasible project timeline and quote.
  3. Ship your yearbooks to Yearbook Scanning Service, which will be digitized within a feasible timeframe.
  4. All original yearbook copies will be shipped back to your school at the same condition they were received.

If you purchase REWIND Year(s), and would like to share your digital books with your community, Team Vidigami will enable your REWIND Library page, and upload your scanned books there too!


As far back as you need! Whether its 3, 5, 10 or 20+ school years, we can add as many years as you need.

No, only administrator users or those with access to THOSE years may access REWIND years. Please connect with your Vidigami representative for more information.

No problem! All you will need to do is let us know, and we’ll add the previous school year to your Vidigami site and we will help you get it set up.

Yes. Photos and native videos can be downloaded by anyone as long as permissions allow. Once your “old” media is in Vidigami, it can be accessed the same way as your current content.

There is an annual service fee for REWIND. Please contact for pricing as it can vary depending on the size of school that you are.

Once set up, stacked REWIND Years work exactly like your current year would.

Under each year (2018/2019) or ‘bucket’ (1999-2000), create groups, albums and add photos to them, which you can then tag and organize.

Media added into REWIND Years intelligently inherit keywords based on the school year > group(s) > album(s) > context and people (when possible), helping you easily search for, use and share content from both current and past school years, as long as you are a member of each year.

Photos tagged by name are also added to a given user’s media Portfolio of their life and work. For students…from the day they start school to the day they graduate, all their school memories will be organized and available by simply logging into their account.

Tips & Tricks

The Right Time and Place 

Sorting content across multiple REWIND Years? Use the Move feature (for albums) to easily allocate albums across time periods and groups.

  1. Start by making sure there is a defined place for each batch of photos you’ll be adding per REWIND Year. You may choose to load all your content into a single group per REWIND Year (easier option), or, have more specific groups for more than one batch of photos per REWIND Year.
  2. Upload your photos into a base year (we recommend your current year). To do this, create an internal ‘Archive’ group to upload your photos. Make sure to set this group as private within the group settings.
  3. Start creating albums for the various photos you have. Make sure to date each album accordingly so you know exactly which REWIND Year to move it to later.
  4. Use the Upload (cloud icon) option within the group to batch-add media to multiple albums at the same time (this is much easier than uploading photos to albums one by one or opening separate Uploaders).
  5. Once all uploads are complete, select the check mark for a specific album.
  6. This will activate a green action bar with the option to Move.
  7. When selected, you will be able to choose which year or ‘bucket’ of years you would like to move the album to, as well as which groups those albums should belong to for the year.
  8. Select Proceed.
  9. Your albums will immediately moved to the specified location!

Want to learn more?

If you are interested ion purchasing REWIND years for your school, be sure to connect with your Client Success Specialist (current schools) or your Account Manager (new schools).