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Enabling SIS Integration with PowerSchool (Beta)

Enabling SIS (Syncing PowerSchool and Vidigami User Data)

For schools who wish to integrate with PowerSchool, please inform your CSS, who will notify you as soon as you are ready to onboard your users.

Because PowerSchool has 3 different databases, in order to perform a sync, user lists will need to be pulled separately. In order to onboard anyone (even a single person) from PowerSchool, IDs for different member types (students, teachers, and parents) must be pulled as follows:

  • For students: IDs should be “student_number” pulled from the “Students” database
  • For teachers: IDs should be the “users_dcid pulled from the “Users” database
  • For parents: IDs should be “id” pulled from the “Persons” database

Note: You need to be a DDE or Data Export Manager to be able to export these fields from PowerSchool.

For new Vidigami schools, please proceed to After Sync.

If you are a returning school (meaning that you have already onboarded users to your Vidigami system) the first and most important step to complete before the sync is to ensure that the Host IDs in Vidigami match the IDs assigned to users in PowerSchool. 

This is critical in order to perform the initial handshake between both systems, avoid mismatched or duplicate accounts for users , and on the whole, ensure a timely and successful sync of all your data.

What to Watch Out For

Since IDs are pulled from 3 different databases, there may be overlaps where a parent, staff or student may have the same ID. To avoid this:

  1. Acquire the original PowerSchool ID from each database
  2. Modify those PowerSchool IDs based on the member type. Typically, we add the first letter for the member type to each ID to make them unique, so for students, it would look something like: S2038788 for a student, P7879870 for a parent, and T6786987 for a staff member or teacher
  3. Use this modified ID as the Host ID in Vidigami

If you are unsure if all User IDs are properly matched to their Vidigami Host IDs, please provide a list of all your users with their old IDs (which your school would have provided as part the previous year’s onboarding process) matched to their corresponding updated ID (based on member type) in Powerschool We will make sure to update the IDs on Vidigami before we proceed with the sync.

Please reach out to your CSS at Vidigami and provide the following information regarding your PowerSchool account.

  • School portal link as used in PowerSchool
  • Organization ID for the school as used in PowerSchool.

Vidigami will then create a custom plugin for your school with this information that will be required to be installed in your PowerSchool system. Please have your PowerSchool Database administrator install the plugin and advise your CSS when this step has been completed.

The Vidigami team will then complete the integration process and once validated, your CSS will confirm that the integration is working and can help with syncing your data.