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Adoption Materials for Your School

Getting Your Community Informed

Ready to start inviting members of your community to participate in Vidigami?

The first and most important step to follow before you open up the system to anyone beyond your internal team is to make sure all members (students, parents, faculty) have a heads up on what to expect, and how the program will benefit everyone in the long run.

At Vidigami, we offer a range of useful and versatile multimedia marketing tools that you can adapt to your organization’s brand and distribute to specific members using your desired channels, whether its offering a teaser to what Vidigami is all about, how it works, and how everyone can get involved in the photo sharing culture.

Have a look at the items below, and reach out to your Client Success Specialist if you would like any support!

1. Meet Vidigami – Customizable Adoption Video

Using video is a quick and effective way to communicate new programs and tools with your school community. We can help! All you need to do is give us some basic information and assets that we can use to customize a simple 2-minute infographic video explaining Vidigami to your parents, students and staff.

If you are interested in producing an adoption video for your school, please read and complete the following screenplay template below and attach your relevant assets in an email addressed to your Client Success Specialist. Make sure to CC


2. Meet Vidigami РCustomizable Intro Flyer

Back to School event? Parent lunch? School-wide Assembly? These are terrific opportunities for sharing resources with the relevant members of your communities. Here’s a simple Intro Flyer for Vidigami that you can customize and print out as handouts for students, parents or staff to let them know what Vidigami is all about.

To customize your flyer, download the PDF template below. All editable copy on the document will be marked red. You can edit the PDF using Adobe Reader. If you require any assistance, please email your Customer Support Specialist and make sure to CC


3. Vidigami User’s Guide

This is a quick infosheet that walks new users through the key steps when getting started with Vidigami, from the moment they get their invitation to activate their account, to capturing and sharing content in the system. Distribute guides as digital PDFs or print them out as additional handouts to give away during group info sessions and other events.

Note: if you would like to fine-tune the general User’s Guide to address specific people in your community, please email your Customer Support Specialist and make sure to CC


4. Vidigami App Overview

In these video walkthroughs, give members of your community a full summary the most important features available to them:

Web App Overview Video for Parents

Web App Overview Video for Faculty and Staff

5. Staff Training Deck

Use this simple editable Powerpoint deck to train up your staff and faculty members.


5. Multimedia Cards

Our marketing mantra: the more visual, the more powerful your message!

Take advantage of visual content and use content from the graphic package below as multimedia attachments for social media posts, announcements in your school portal or website, email newsletter bulletins, or even print them out as postcards! These multimedia cards are available in a variety of sizes and formats and can always be customized to suit your school’s brand and messaging.

To learn more about customizing multimedia cards, please email your Customer Support Specialist and make sure to CC


6. Vidigami Pro Stickers

Boost participation with Vidigami Pro badge stickers! These durable vinyl stickers can be applied to laptops, phone cases, notebooks, car or office windows. Give them out to your key team players in Vidigami or even as rewards for students who participate in tagging and uploading activities.

If you are interested in ordering a batch of Vidigami Pro stickers for your school, please email your Customer Support Specialist and make sure to CC

7. Other Graphics and Assets

Building some materials from scratch? Here are some handy graphic assets you can use to support your content, no matter what shape or form it takes. This package includes:

  • Vidigami Brand Kit
  • Additional assets, icons and vector graphics

Are we missing something you would like see?

We’re always curious to hear about the different materials schools use to raise awareness on Vidigami. Please reach out to to suggest an item or communication strategy you would like us to implement, so we can keep building on our package of customizable resources for all current and incoming schools in the community!