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Training and Best Practice Webinars

Sign up for an upcoming live webinar, or watch one of our previous sessions to learn more about how to use Vidigami and helpful tips from the team on the different ways you can make the most of your school media.

Leveraging Data with Vidigami Insights

Thursday, May 23, 2019 10:00 AM

Join the Success Team for a refresher on how to view and cultivate your Insights data, with some new ideas for boosting activations and engagement among families, students and teachers within your community.


Working with Sets

Join the Client Success team for a walkthrough on how to use both Group Sets and My Sets in Vidigami, and some of the creative ways you can use them to engage your community, enhance your projects, and more.


Get Faculty on Your Team

Faculty members play such an important role at your school. Here are some ways you can drive them to become top advocates for capturing and sharing school memories all year round!


Curate Photo Sets for Yearbooks

In this session, we’ll show you how to use Vidigami’s Group Set feature to curate photos for your yearbook and keep them organized for the team.


Time to Launch!

This session will cover the basics you need to roll Vidigami out to your community, from getting your school year organized, opened, and members invited, to kickstarting engagement and involvement over the following weeks.


Refresh Training

There is lots you can do on your Vidigami platform, and we want to make sure you’re on top of them all! Join Vidigami’s Client Success team for a quick refresher training on some key features and functionality, and some Q/A.


Onboarding Options for 2018/2019

Join the Vidigami Client Success team to get a better understanding for the 3 different ways we can help you onboard your school members, and, information about setting up SIS integrations.