On Demand Webinars

Our Webinars are a great way to learn about Vidigami and how schools benefit from our solution.  Browse our collection below.

Meet Vidigami.

Listen in to Mandy Chan, Founder of Vidigami, provide a quick Vidigami overview explaining key features and benefits.

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Vidigami‘s Photo Management Solution: Created Just For Schools.

Hear Tina Barkley, Director of Schools, give a demo of Vidigami and learn how to centralize, organize and privately share all your school photos.

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St. Mary’s Manages 50K+ Photos With Vidigami

Learn how California’s St. Mary’s School manages more than 50,0000 school photos in Vidigami. Erfan Mojaddam, Director of IT, also describes how Vidigami strengthened the St. Mary’s community.

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Far Hills Country Day

Join Tye Campbell, Director of Technology, as he articulates how Vidigami solved the many photo management issues faced by New Jersey’s Far Hills Country Day School.

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Vidigami + Finalsite, Partners in Storytelling.

Join British Columbia’s Southridge School on the top 5 ways Vidigami and Finalsite work together to organize and manage photos for the Southridge community.

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Capture Student Memories. Enhance Family Experiences.

Sit down with Rob Cruickshank, Chairman Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, to learn how Vidigami increases parent and student involvement and creates tighter school communities.

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